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Matrix 2.2m con tren sin vectorial

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Size Chart

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Debido a su volumen este modelo tendrá unos gastos de envio de 60€ y será enviado por CBL (2 o 3dias)
Tambien estaria disponible la opcion de recogerlo en tienda, no tendria gastos de envio.


Model: Matrix 2.2
Wingspan: 78.7″ (2,000mm)
Length: 87.6″ (2,225mm)
Wing area:
Weight: 21.9lbs (9.94kg)


  • Extremely lightweight full composite construction especially designed for outstanding sport flight with 3D performance
  • Painted outside the mold so no seam lines
  • Ultra light weight landing gear,  the 2.2m predator sport jet V2 landing gear can use to the Matrix too. 
  • Specially designed easy access to turbine for speedy installation
  • Field setup can be done in seconds, thanks to the quick releases on the wings without the need for any tools.
  •  the single elevator clamp from the top, only a few turns to tight/loose the bolt then you can install/take out the stabilizer. 
  • Removable wing and elevator for easy transport
  • The equipment installation board make the electronic items with very clear installation. Most of the wire can be hidened. 
  • pre-install tube for the stab/rudder extension wire, easy to install. 
  • Option with vector tail pipe for 3D flight.


  • Complete air frame (including carbon wing-tubes and preinstalled and painted fiberglass control horns)
  • Pilot-RC electric retracts and electric brakes specific for this model
  • Servo extension leads
  • Normal tail pipe (optional Vector thrust pipe)
  • 3.800ml fuel tank (optional upgrade to fuel bag)
  • 250ml UAT tank
  • Pre-prepared pushrods with ball links
  • Servo connector brackets


Turbine size:

  • 100-140N for normal sport flying
  • 160-180N for 3D vector flight – Avoid high speed high G flying

Servos: Total x10 (x5 standard size + x5 medium size)

x3 standard size high torque
x2 for flaps (minimum 40kg)
x1 for rudder (minimum 40kg)

x7 medium size servo  (size: 35x15x30mm)
x2 for ailerons (minimum 16kg)
x2 for elevators (minimum 16kg)
x1 for vector elevator (minimum 16kg), this is option
x1 for vector rudder (minimum 16kg), this is option
x1 for steering (minimum 10kg)

Also requires all the usual accessories such as transmitter, receiver, batteries, powerbox and possibly other small accessories.

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