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Todas las categorías

3D Acrobatic

3D Acrobatic Models, lightweight planes designed for everything from smooth to the most aggressive flying.

  • Laser
    <p>With the Laser, Pilot-RC has taken extreme acrobatics to the next level. No longer is the question can the plane do a manoeuvre, it is now if you can keep up with the plane! Insane roll rates, maximum agility, yet still in a light, friendly and beautiful package.</p>
  • Pitts
  • Edge 540
    <div class="taxonomy-description"> <p>The Edge 540 is well known for being one of the most aggressive full size aircraft ever made.  Pilot-RC’s version takes that into the model with massively powerful flying surfaces and fast responses.  Contrary to most Edge’s on the market, our version has been extensively tested to assure that it is still a smooth flying plane despite its crazy side!</p> <p>This is the V3 of the Zivko Edge with slicker lines that make it look like its really travelling while still standing still, and with the included optional winglets make it really stand out from the crowd.</p> </div>
  • Slick
    <p>Pilot-RC already surprised everyone with a new level of precision and agility with our extremely popular Laser. We have now taken all these great features and grown them into our new Slick.</p> <p>The Pilot-RC Slick, as well as looking great and offering color schemes designed by legendary Italian designer Mirco Pecorari at Aircraft Studio Design, it once again flys as good as it looks, and that is really saying something!</p> <p>All the crazy agility and manoeuvrability of the Laser, while keeping the friendly flying characteristics of Pilot-RC planes, the new Slick offers an even further improvement in precision and aero musical performance, feeling like a larger plane, a larger plane that can go nuts!</p>
  • Extra NG

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